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40 Fandoms: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney

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Fandom: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attourney
Word Count: 491
Rating: R, for dead bodies and bl00d
Timeline: During the second case in Phoenix Wright, Ace Attourney: Justice for All
Summary: Phoenix has a nightmare. Spoooooky.


Phoenix Wright could see Maya covered in blood--not hers, no, but the man who lay on the thatched mat just beyond her--and saw the gun in her hand. Her face and body weren't right, though--taller, her figure more filled out, just a few years older than her true age. But that was her shtick; when she channelled spirits, her body changed to accomedate them, taking on the spirit's appearance in life.

He reached out for his friend and assistant, jaw open in a silent scream. He wanted to call her name, pull her to safety, but she met his gaze and ice settled in the pit of his stomach.

"There's no saving me, Phoenix Wright." Her voice had changed too, and it sounded deeper, cruel...and a spice of amusement, hidden just out of earshot. This wasn't Maya at all! "You're too late. I've already murdered this man!"

"No, Maya--it wasn't you, it was the spirit you're channelling--"


The dark, candle-lit room swirled away, the bloody, thatched mat transforming into the desk he sat behind in court, the body of Dr. Grey still slumped on top of it. Maya sat in the defendant's chair, normal again, still covered in Grey's blood, while the different Maya--the one whose appearance still remained altered, although her hair was brilliant, fire-engine red when it should have been black.


Phoenix whipped his head to see the Judge in his own seat, gavel in hand, white beard flowing down to his chest like a snowdrift. "Mr. Wright, what do you have to say about this?"

"I...I...Maya's not guilty, Your Honor!" Phoenix slammed his hands down on his desk. "I'll prove it--"

"I hardly think so, Mr. Wright! The court finds the defendant, Maya Fey, guilty of murder!"

Phoenix felt sweat on his brow and running down his back, and he glanced left and right, trying to find an answer--something, anything, but the Judge had been absorbed in his black robes, his beard gone and face obscured, his gavel transformed into a sickle. "Guilty, guilty, guilty!"

"N-no....no, Maya...Maya...OBJECTION!"

Phoenix slammed his hands down into the floor and pushed up into a sitting position. His mind buzzed, chest heaved--and sweat was, indeed, on his forehead and soaking the tanktop he had fallen asleep in. His hair fell, dishevelled around his face, and just beyond the old-fasioned sliding doors of the Fey Manor, crickets chirped the night away.

"Guh. A nightmare...a foul one." Phoenix rested a hand against his head and shook it slowly, trying to clear out the cobwebs. As surreal as the nightmare had been, there was still a murder on his hands, and Maya was in the center of it all--somehow. "I've got to bail Maya out of this mess. Prove she didn't murder Dr. Grey. Come on, Phoenix...let's try to hoof it for a while. I don't think you'll be getting any more sleep tonight."